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Get closer to your goal voice

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Discover Voice Strategies

Discover techniques and strategies developed by professions dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community that can help you safely and effectively take control of your voice and take it in the direction that brings you closer to gender euphoria. 

Session are client driven, using experiences and personal interests to drive therapy. We will prioritize special interests to make sessions meaningful and more enjoyable. Learning has to be fun after all! 

Client Driven Therapy


Set Your Goals!

Work closely to set meaningful voice goals utilizing evidence based exercises and strategies to help reach your goal voice. Therapy sessions will target a client's resonance, pitch, and intonation to increase longterm success. 


Learn more with a free 15 minute consultation.   


Christopher Donoso is an excellent therapist going above and beyond for his clients. Christopher was able to identify aspects of my speech that needed improvement and focus on the incremental enhancement with every session. The sessions were always productive and allowed me to significantly improve my pronunciation. Additional resources provided by Christopher were very helpful and allowed me to improve my speech long after taking the therapy sessions.
Anyone taking the sessions with Christopher will experience a human approach to his clients. I would highly recommend Christopher to anyone looking for a speech therapist. Thank you, Christopher.
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